Frequently Asked Questions
Claim on shortage / damage will not be entertained on full package delivery.
The maximum time limit for any kind of claim restricted within 2 days after delivery.
Cargo transported on consignor/consignee’s all risk.
We have no any responsibility, if the goods different in shipment by the sender.
We will not be responsible for any Qatar Custom rejection under the law of Customs in duplication and without made & chemical items are strictly not accepted. However, you are liable to pay our charges for the service gained.
Produce the Original Invoice, Packing List & Certificate of Origin along with your shipment.
We do not accept hazardous goods, drugs, currency, jewels and restricted items by law or local customs of respective countries.

For your convenience:

To fulfill effective and efficient service each consignment should be accompanied with delivery order stating the contents of each package, Consignee name and Address with Phone No.

Please make sure the packages contains only material that are declared in the Delivery Order. If any non declared items are found the entire responsibility will be on the consignor and consequential damages or losses arising should be indemnified to the company.

Each material should have the country of origin and manufacture clearly stated.  Any consequences arising due to lack of same would be on the consignee or consignor of goods and the company will have lien to recover any losses incurred in this regard.

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